Feb 20

Burnout and Fractures

Burnout and Fractures I was reading an MRI the other day on a young runner with hip pain. There were the tell-tale signs of a stress fracture. If she kept running on it she would certainly completely fracture it at some point, but the pain would probably self-limit her activity. The treatment would be rest …

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Feb 07

If We All Stop Buying Stuff Will We Destroy the World?

I recently started a buy nothing experiment. Minimalism is one of the unintentional themes of this blog, and as I move through life I find myself drifting towards it more and more. I’m an advocate of cutting out unnecessary things from our lives. After all, most of the stuff around us doesn’t really make us …

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Feb 01

Buy Nothing 2018 Experiment – January Update

buy nothing tile

  Buy Nothing January Update Well January is over, and my buy nothing experiment is approximately 1 month old. You may remember this started as a buy no clothes for 2018 experiment, but after reflecting upon it I thought it was just too easy. After taking inventory I realized I had enough clothes to last …

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Jan 22

Reader Mailbag: Should I Be a Radiologist?


Every now and then readers send me emails with questions about nearly everything.  Usually they want advice on what to do about their personal situations. I love to help people, but I feel like detailed responses are an inefficient use of my time since only one person benefits. It dawned upon me that a better …

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Jan 09

New Experiment: Buy Nothing for 1 Year

buy nothing

New Experiment I recently decided not to buy clothes for one year. You should probably read that post first to get some context for this one. I was quite proud of myself. No clothes for a whole year. Wow, I’m such a noble and self-sacrificing person. How minimalist is that?   I took an inventory …

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Jan 06

New experiment: I’m Not Buying Clothes for 1 year


New Experiment I’m not buying any clothes this year. It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘real’ experiment in my life and I feel like the time is right to start again. I’ve done a few little tweaks here and there, but for the most part I have just slightly altered comfortable patterns that …

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Dec 25

The Effects of Tax Law Reform on Physicians and Other High Income Individuals

tax law

Tax Law and Weekend Call I sit down to write this a day after finishing a week of call. Honestly it wasn’t so bad. I’ve had many which were far more stressful and disruptive to my sleep patterns. But no matter how smooth my call weeks are, there is never a time I would rather …

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Dec 11

Get the Big Things Right

The Big Picture

The other day I was chatting with a friend who was passing through town. He, his wife and toddler were currently homeless. Not in the cardboard box under the bridge sense, but simply chronic nomads. It was a wonderful life of travel and adventure, but with another child on the way they were thinking of …

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Nov 29

Adventures in Burnout: One Physician’s Story


[Editor’s note:  I’m excited to share a guest post with you today from a virtual friend of mine, Vagabond MD. The author is a recovering private practice interventional radiologist (20+ years), a regular reader of my blog, an occasional guest blogger on various physician sites, and a prolific contributor on the White Coat Investor forum …

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Nov 21

The Messy Truth About Privilege


  Privilege I typed a single word onto the page. Privilege. It sat on my screen for several days. I tried to start an article several times, but I simply couldn’t write, which is odd because usually I can get something out, even if it is complete garbage. This time was different though.   Maybe …

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