214Happy: Contentment, pleasure or joy.


Philosopher: One who investigates the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.


Or maybe I’m just a guy who thinks about stuff and is usually the happiest person in the room. It wasn’t always like this, in fact most of my life I was bogged down by worry, fear and desire. I slowly untangled myself from this mess and realized that much of my suffering was a choice.


Giant face palm!


Having unplugged from the matrix I now realized that many of the people around me are still stuck where I was. They can’t really figure out why or what to do about it. Some lament about money problems (usually over an expensive drink and meal). Others complain about their health, relationships, burnout or emotional life. They read hundreds of books, articles and blogs hoping to find answers but ultimately becoming more confused in the process.


I was lucky to escape. I will teach you what has worked for me and countless others. I’ll keep things simple and to the point and if what I say resonates with you join me and become a happy philosopher yourself!


Here is my story if you are interested.


Enjoy 🙂


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