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An interesting way to look at our existence is the realization that much of our experiences exists in cycles; day and night, seasons, life and death, economic boom and bust, political cycles, etc. On a personal level there are cycles within us; alternation between sadness and joy, tension and relaxation, excitement and boredom. Basic human drives like eating, elimination and sex are powered by cycles of desire and satisfaction. Music, theater and stories are all alternating waves of tension and resolution.

Listen to your favorite song and observe this. Nearly all music theory is based on this fundamental concept. The fine line between order and chaos is where we get art.

Our breath, our heartbeat, the electrical impulses in our brain, our hormonal balance, and our sub-cellular processes are all cyclical.

Societal mood and social change cycle as well. Right now it seems as if our society is in a phase of increased awareness about happiness, self-reflection and experimentation. I see this in the explosion of blogs and books on these topics.

We have been indoctrinated since birth to acquire more, accomplish more and compete more. We have always wanted more and better for our children. Now we are questioning and reflecting upon those values and asking ourselves what they mean.

All of these various cycles move at different speeds. Some take seconds and yet others centuries. We can’t fight cycles. They are natural and overwhelming. It’s like trying to stop the tide from coming in or resisting the inevitability of death.

Once you start to observe this you will see life as a symphony of cycles rather than the chaos it can often appear to be at times. True wisdom comes from recognizing these cycles; to see where they are going and ride the wave.

Some cycles you will not like, but they can’t be resisted. It is senseless to spend too much time worrying about them or letting anger in. It’s about as useful at being angry at rain or wind.

Recognize and accept them.

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  1. So true. The older I get the more I notice my own personal cycles, usually related to growth/rest, change/steadiness. It’s really quite fun to be able to see these in so many areas. And to learn how to respond when you recognize a cycle is happening in a particular phase.

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