Sep 23

Happy Philosopher’s Weekend Reading: Volume 3


Well those last two weeks went by fast. So fast that last week I didn’t have time to post the third installment of The Happy Philosopher’s Weekend Reading. This is a series of posts where I bring you a few interesting articles from around the internet. Some will be current, some may be older material. I may not agree with everything an author writes, but I think these works will provide some enjoyment and push you to think deeper about various topics. I know they did for me. Additionally, I hope to introduce you to other writers and discover more of their work. I have found great blogs through compilation posts like this, many of which I am now a regular reader of. My goal is to eventually have a collection of hundreds of great articles that will be readily available all in one place.


I happened across Naval Ravikant listening to this podcast, and to be honest it completely blew my mind. I think it inspired me to write this. Naval is a very deep thinker about many things and this podcast is one of the few I have listened to multiple times. It is a little over an hour, but if you want the best parts and are impatient listen from around 16:45 to 30:00. These 13 minutes and 15 seconds are well worth your time. I promise. This episode is actually a follow-up to this one in case you can’t get enough of Naval. And if you just hate podcasts and want to read something by Naval here you go. But seriously, go listen to the podcast.


Some of the best articles are ones that are deeply personal, because we can see the world from a new perspective. It is a gift when we are given this opportunity. Joshua Kennon wrote a deeply personal article about marriage equality and the Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges. Most of his writing is about finance, but occasionally delves into other diverse topics like history, politics and philosophy.


Bruce Lee is one of my favorite philosophers, and Maria Popova is…well…she is just awesome. I may or may not have a tiny internet crush on her. Maybe. Anyways when Maria Popova writes about Bruce Lee I pay attention. Be like water.


There you go. A few tasty morsels of awesome to get your weekend started off right. Enjoy.


I recently did an interview over with Physician on Fire. You can check it out here if you would like.








  1. I always enjoy when people share their favorite reading material. It helps me expand my worldview. Have an awesome weekend, HP.

    1. Agreed. There is so much good stuff out there it is awesome and humbling. Just trying my hand at being a curator 🙂

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