Oct 22

Happy Philosopher’s Weekend Reading: Volume 5


The internet is a vast place of almost endless information, and as I mentioned in an earlier post I hypothesize that efficient filtering will be one of the most important changes we will implement to get manageable amounts information we actually want to consume. Well, until AI is up to the challenge it is our job to perform this thankless task. I’ve decided to take this burden upon my shoulders for you and share some of my favorite blog posts and articles. If  when laziness does not get the best of me I will try and do this weekly to give you some interesting reads for the weekend. Together we are going to make the internet great again!


I may not agree with everything an author writes, but I think these works will provide some enjoyment and push you to think deeper about various topics. Additionally, I hope to introduce you to other writers and discover more of their work. I have found some really great blogs through compilation posts like this, many of which I am now a regular reader of. My goal is to eventually have a collection of hundreds of great articles that will be readily available all in one place.


As you know I am a fan of Naval Ravikant. I featured his article American Spring in a prior post. Well, there is a follow-up worth reading. Welcome to American Fall.

I write often about happiness and freedom, they are concepts that are always on the edge of my consciousness. Todd Tressider wrote an excellent article on happiness, money and freedom that explores many important ideas, but perhaps none more important than the idea that when you achieve financial freedom, your life suddenly changes from pre-determined to self-determined. I think you will really enjoy this one.

Sticking with the topic of money, freedom and happiness, sometimes life gets shitty so save your money. My friend Emma is awesome and I love how she writes. Plus she uses pictures of Star Wars Legos in her articles and swear words in the titles.

Enjoy the weekend!



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  1. What does the device in the photo do?

    1. You don’t want to know. It’s some sort of medieval torture device I took a picture of in Prague!

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