Nov 19

Happy Philosopher’s Weekend Reading: Volume 6



It’s been a while since I’ve published Weekend Reading so I thought I would give you a few articles to ponder. I don’t write directly about politics much, but of course life philosophy often translates to political philosophy and I’m sure some of my political ideas come out in my writing. Many people were a little surprised completely shocked at the results of the election. I was not. For those of you who still cannot understand what happened I offer a couple of articles to help you process. There were many complex factors that went into the final results and I am way too lazy to try and cover everything, but if you didn’t like the results of this election you owe it to yourself to understand some of the reasons why it happened. Understanding why things happen in the world is a superpower because you then can act on what you feel needs to be done. Let’s get started.


Here you can try and understand How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind which wins my award for best title.


Here you can read about why the Democrats are “going to have to find ways to understand the concerns of people who hate them, or get used to losing more.”   


This is a very long, but really interesting article about the evolution of politics over the past several election cycles.


American Fall is a follow-up to another article I featured recently called American Spring.


Here is an article which argues this election was not really about race or racism.

You Are Still Crying Wolf

It’s a lot of reading, but as usual the articles will make you think. You will certainly not agree with everything in these articles, but one of the problems we face in this new age of media is that we only read and consume things that reinforce our already distorted cognitive biases. Enjoy.




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  1. So I read two of them. And they were pretty good articles. But, I noticed they all seem to be from the POF of a Democrat/Liberal even if they tried their best to be somewhat neutral in the article. So it would seem that a post that is about trying to read from multiple sides needs to link to some articles from the “other” side. Of course that somewhat begs the question, what is the “other” side. Trump beat all odds by not only beating the Democrats, but also much of the Republican Establishment which were also against him. So how did he do it? Although, I would love a breather from the campaign, anybody aspiring to run against him in 2020 will need to understand that – other Republicans, a new breed of Democrat, or just maybe a viable 3rd or 4th party candidate.

    The article with the “best” title of course could have been better without all of the swear words, but that seems to be a lost battle in the current age of “reasonable” discourse. One thing the article missed though is that the real problem is less than 50% of eligible voters actually bothered to go the polls. So that is the half that got it wrong. They didn’t even try to make their voice heard, regardless of who they were leaning towards.

    At least for me, the articles weren’t something I would typically read. Maybe your readers are mostly conservative like me, so maybe your post actually did serve its intended purpose, but I’m not sure.

    cd :O)

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