Jul 14

Happy Philosopher’s Weekend Reading: Volume 9


Hello philosophers. Welcome to the most sporadic and inconsistent weekly round-up on the internet. Happy Philosopher’s Weekend Reading is a collection of great material I’ve stumbled upon and feel compelled to share with you.


Derek Sivers is one of my favorite writers. He writes infrequently, but it is usually something different and thought provoking. His take on parenting is an interesting one and worth reading.


On the darker side is this fascinating article on childhood psychopathy. I’m fascinated by personality and how the interplay between genetics and environment forms who we are. This one might scare you.


This next one is a wonderful read on the backfire effect, and why we tend to believe different things based on how they make us feel, not necessarily how true they are.


And finally, this is simply the best thing I’ve ever read about depression.


Short and sweet this week. Enjoy your weekend 🙂


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  1. Mrs. Picky Pincher

    I love Hyperbole and A Half! Thanks for the non-finance reads. 🙂

    1. Solitary Diner

      Me too! I’m so sad there haven’t been new posts in forever. Guess I’ll just have to re-read “The God of Cake” for the 20th time and laugh myself silly.

        1. Solitary Diner

          Yes! That cartoon got me through a few dark times in residency.

  2. Deb

    The Derek Sivers article made me uncomfortable. My instinct tells me it is not healthy to put all of your attention on a child. It’s like swamping them with your psyche and that does not allow them to develop their own. Children need you to be a parent not a playmate. Btw I do have some experience with three grown up children myself.

    1. TheHappyPhilosopher

      It is an unusual approach, but Derek is very unconventional in his approach to just about everything 🙂

      I would have to see the parenting style in action to form a strong opinion. I’m pretty sure I could not do it, I just don’t have the attention.

  3. David Ann Arbor

    Wow loved that backfire effect cartoon/article.

    Made me think about conversations I had with friends who have very opposite political beliefs from me and how I ultimately just surrendered to being a listener and would gently present ideas that were contrary for them to ponder.

  4. Satisfied Ghost

    I really enjoyed the Derek Sivers’ piece. I’ve heard of him through Tim Ferris but hadn’t found his book or site. This site makes me think about the habits I’m forming in my small children. Parenting is so hard! This is a great list. Thanks!

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