Aug 10

Making America Great: One Podcast at a Time



I don’t have any new writing today, but I did have a great chat with Josh Mettle over at the Physician Financial Success Podcast. Josh is a…well…now that I think of it I don’t really know what he does. Something boring like mortgages or some such thing.

Well we didn’t talk about anything that boring* so head on over and give it a listen. josh is a super cool guy and I really enjoyed our chat. His podcast is geared towards helping physicians achieve financial success, but I think this episode is a little more general and the principals we talk about could apply to just about anyone.

I don’t know if Donald or Hillary listened to it, but 9 out of 10 politicians agree:


The Happy Philosopher is making America great – one podcast at a time.


Here are some of my relevant blog posts we discussed during the podcast:


Why We Ignore the Important Things In Life

Your Most Valuable Financial Asset

Comfort is Fear in Disguise

A Walk In The Woods

Increase Your Awesomeness With This One Simple Trick

Kill Your Television!

Enjoy, and feel free to comment below 🙂

Do you have an awesome podcast? Are you looking for a Happy Philosopher to talk to? Hmmmm…


*Although mortgages are pretty much the definition of boring, housing is usually the most expensive part of life for most of us. Getting a good mortgage can lead to earlier freedom, and you know I’m all for that.



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  1. Physician on FIRE

    I look forward to listening to this one. Your interview with Joshua Sheats was one of the first podcasts I ever downloaded, and it was excellent.

    When do you start the Happy Philosopher podcast?

    1. TheHappyPhilosopher

      Thanks PoF. Stay tuned! As soon as I figure out what The Happy Philosopher Podcast will be I will start it 🙂

      There will be a podcast, it’s the what and when that are in question.

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