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Dec 15

Why You Should Find Your Freedom First


  It will make you happier. I could just end with that, but some might feel cheated by a five word answer to what seems like a much more complex question. I guess the long answer is a bit more complicated but will give us a more complete view of the human mind. Let’s meander. …

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Dec 12

Take Action

Take action

Take action. I start with this simple lesson because perhaps it is the most important. Nothing else is possible without actually doing. We cannot live our lives in our thoughts. We must do. Throughout this journey we will learn to turn off the voice in our head that discourages us from improving our lives (or …

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Dec 06

Welcome To The Happy Philosopher

Welcome to my desolate little corner of the internet. It is said that all good things must come to an end, but this also means that at some point they have a beginning. That is what this first post is.   Maybe I should back-up a few steps and tell you the point of all …

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