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Calling All Bloggers: Help Me Create a Blogroll

calling all bloggers



I have made no secret of the fact that much of my inspiration for blogging came from reading other blogs. Before I burned out from my job, the only blogs I read were mainly doom and gloom type. I was concerned about politics, peak oil and economic collapse to name a few cheery subjects. Needless to say these were not healthy topics to think about.


In a way you become the media you consume. I certainly became what I was consuming. World view can be shaped by the bubble you surround yourself with, and my world was full of worry and stress. As I went from the emotionally damaged train wreck to The Happy Philosopher you hear from today, I realized that my perception of the world was almost as important as the world itself. Actually no, it was MORE important.


When I started finding blogs about financial freedom and early retirement, my perception of the world changed. It was a slow process at first. I started reading about people that were doing things that no one I knew in real life were doing. They were talking about things that never came up in casual conversation.


My previous perception of the world was that everyone just followed this script that was written out for them by society. I had no evidence that anyone did things any differently. In retrospect there were actually a few people I knew doing these things, but they were very quiet about it.


In real life you kind of have to be careful about how crazy and unconventional your ideas are. Not really actually, but it feels this way. Many of these people just dropped off my radar and went about their business. The ‘normal’ people remained. This is selection bias 101.


The Early Days

When I started looking for alternatives there wasn’t much out there, or if there was it was difficult to find. I stumbled upon Jacob’s blog which was as radical and subversive as they come…I loved it immediately, but it was not a template I could follow.


Shortly after discovering Early Retirement Extreme I read a crazy sounding guest post by an even crazier sounding guy named Mr. Money Mustache. If you have been reading this blog you have no doubt seen his work as I reference his articles frequently.


His more mainstream (but equally subversive) message and relatability was what I needed. From there I discovered other FIRE bloggers and eagerly absorbed massive amounts of material. I branched out into other philosophies and areas of interest, but this was the genesis.


This stuff shaped my world view. These tiny acts of uncoordinated expression made me who I am. I didn’t agree with everything written of course, but I found a group of blogs that I could relate to and they became my support network during my journey.



As time went on it seemed like the blog-o-sphere expanded at an exponential rate. This is awesome and amazing, but also represents a big problem. As data increases we can’t consume it all. We are forced to become filters. Being a filter is hard thankless work, and as you know if you have read any of my Weekend Reading series, I want to help you.


If you are a regular reader of my blog it is likely you want to become more happy and free in your life. Although the topics I write about may seem scattered and disconnected at times, they all have this common theme. It may be hard to see at times, but it is there.


There are many other wonderful blogs out there, and I have thought about doing some sort of list or blog roll, but the task seems daunting, and quite frankly…I am lazy. I have an idea of the sorts of blogs I would include, but I can’t know them all. There are simply too many.


Let’s Try Something Completely Different

I want to try an experiment. I know there are a lot of bloggers that read my blog. It’s kind of what we bloggers do. And if you are reading my blog, there is a chance that you are blogging about something that others reading my blog will want to read. I want to create a list of bloggers that my readers may be interested in, but instead of me running around the internet looking for blogs, I want the bloggers themselves to self-select.


Additionally this will give me a list of cool blogs to check out when I have free time. There are so many awesome blogs I just don’t have time to read, but if they are here I can go back to them.


This is where I need your help. If you have a blog or blog-like-entity (BLE), and you feel my readers would enjoy reading your blog, please do the following:


  1. List your blog below in the comments. Make it so that when a reader clicks on your avatar they can get to your blog.
  2. Tell us why a reader of my blog may be interested in your blog, (i.e. how does your blog relate to the things I am writing about. Is it a blog about philosophy, happiness freedom, financial independence, etc.?)
  3. Find the one post (not 2 or 3 or 10) that you think will get my readers hooked on your blog. Remember, people have very short attention spans so make it one that will hook them. Maybe I will eventually make a list and link to them.
  4. If your blog is a landing page to sell some product or service it probably doesn’t belong here. I trust you all to use good judgement.


Let’s create an organic blog roll and see if we can’t make something pretty cool and different from the standard. I want to help my readers create their own unique online tribe and find blogs that they may not otherwise stumble upon. If you know of any bloggers that may enjoy reading my blog please sent them this post and invite them to participate.


I will do my best to stay out of the comment section and let you all be the focus. This is my small way to give back to all the wonderful bloggers that have helped me out along my blogging journey.




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  1. I write about financial independence, will soon be using my FI to work part-time, and share my keen interests in travel, beer, photography, and family.

    The hook to bring you back? I’ll go with The Live on Half Challenge. Anyone with a healthy six-figure income (i.e. nearly every physician) should be able to do this and achieve FI in under two decades. http://www.physicianonfire.com/half/


  2. I’ve just recently started a blog on FIRE. My situation is a little different from others in the FIRE community as my income is quite low (normal) and I don’t have a net worth in the $millions. I’m a Brit currently living and working in Thailand aiming for FIRE the slow and easy way without burning out in a job I hate.
    As I said the blog is pretty new, so I’d love to hear your comments.

  3. I write about decision-making and have a doctorate that was focused on decision analysis in the educational setting. Since many big decisions in life are directly tied to money, homes, careers and your finances – my blog ended up in this area. I also own a number of rental properties and my husband and I both have pensions. We aren’t your “4% withdraw” folks. We also have 5 kids between us and I talk about college decisions as well. I’m retiring from full-time work in 13 days and I just turned 50. See how I got over One More Year Syndrome here – http://www.makesmarterdecisions.com/finding-cure-one-year-syndrome/ And thanks for the chance to share HP!

  4. I write a blog for physician leaders and physicians looking to transition from clinical medicine to a non-clinical career as a health care executive. For some, this will bring them closer to FIRE. Philosophically, for those that want to have a BIG impact on the delivery of health care and create a world which is both patient centered and physician friendly, then taking on a leadership role will be necessary.

    Physicians are natural leaders, but they need help acquiring certain new skills. I talk about this issue in my post titled: Preparing to be a Better Physician Leader – http://vitalpe.net/preparing-better-physician-leader-part-1/

  5. An organic blogroll: no pesticides, antibiotics, or bovine growth hormones!

    I blog about a little bit of everything: FIRE, parenting, self-experimentation, travel, food, and other fun life experiences. My wife and I are both physicians, so you may see my perspective on medicine from time to time.

    In an early post, I explored the potential benefits of a cold winter, which will give you an idea of how I think. Enjoy!


    Stay curious!
    Dr. C

  6. You would think I would write about taxes, and I do, but so much more. My goal is to get people to think like an accountant and build wealth in the process. Money isn’t the endgame, it is the tool used to satisfy our curiosity and help others.

    Like you, I spend a lot of time talking about financial independence. It’s an important subject: getting, keeping it, using it. Living life happily with family and friends defines offers meaning to life.

    One of my favorite posts happens to be one of my earliest: Buying Stuff Just to Throw it Away. This post encompases a large part of my philosophy on living life right.


  7. Money Metagame is mostly about financial independence with a little bit of travel hacking and our own personal financial journey thrown in.

    I try to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to lower expenses like buying movie tickets in bulk, using gift cards for ourselves, or removing escrow from our mortgage to get more organic credit card spend (aka free money).

    One of my favorite (and more popular) posts has been about how most people travel hacking aren’t really saving any money doing so:

    Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to check it out. Cheers!

  8. Full Time Finance is primary focused on the mid career higher income individual and their pursuit to maximize happiness. Mixed in is advice about investments, financial independence, travel hacking, and saving money. The real unique part of the blog is the incorporation of economics concepts and theories into my writing.

    One of my favorite posts explores the concepts of frugality, asking the question of where to draw the line on considering someone frugal:


  9. Hello i’m budget on a stick. On my blog I talk about personal finance and family. My main goal right now is reaching early retirement.

    I always have a plan for something (usually with lots of spreadsheets). Take a look at my post about having a plan about my yearly goals. http://www.budgetonastick.com/got-pay-raise-plan-months-got-good-way/

    -Mr BoaS

  10. Findingmyfrugal is about my family’s journey to pay off more than $170,000 of mostly student loan debt. I’ve just recently started blogging, but cover topics like expense reduction, travel hacking and debt management.

    Take a minute to read this post detailing how I took my family of four to Disney World for 5 nights for under $700. http://findingmyfrugal.com/disney-world-using-credit-card-points/

  11. Hello there,

    I am an immigrant from Russia, came to the States in 2014 without knowing English, having money nor job. I quickly learned 10-15 words, all in Spanish, and started getting my experience, or doing financial mistakes.

    I write about my journey, about living the real American Dream.

    You can take a minute and read about my very first paycheck in US


  12. I write a blog called Incremental Eudaimonia.

    It’s a mixed bag which could broadly be grouped under the heading of philosophy, but with an informal, practical, experiential bent. Frequently visited topics include literature and music, growing one’s own food, travel and generally being alive.

    Have a look at a recent post I’ve written about desert travel literature and the unusual personalities it attracts:

    1. Oh yes, I also co-write another blog revolving around the philosophy of pre-hospital (EMS) medical care called AmboFOAM.

      Here’s a recent post about death and our role in it:


  13. Well, I would consider myself to be a stoic as well. So I will stray into philosophy every so often. Otherwise, I chronicle my journey as a husband and also a father to two young kids.

    Financial independence is my goal, and I will make it on our one income that is about the average for the United States. Goes to show that everyone can do it if they want it badly enough.

    Plus we seem to use the same WordPress theme. 😀

    I think that http://www.doublingdollars.com/locus-of-control/ would be an appropriate first read.

  14. I am new to the blog world! My blog http://www.thebossmd.com, and it focuses on physician career/life management. My goal is for physicians to effectively steer their own ships in this world and contribute more effectively to healthcare at large.

    I have a post coming on Tuesday that would be most appropriate for first time readers. I will add another comment with link on Tuesday.

  15. I write a blog about life as an attending physician, relative frugality (for a physician), and trying to find happiness in the midst of it all.

  16. Hi! I write about research-based ways to live a richer, more productive, and happier life. I love your writing and think that folks that enjoy your blog will enjoy this post that I wrote on aligning your time with your priorities to live a happier and more fulfilling life: http://www.optimizeyourlife.co/you-do-have-time/

  17. Hey there – awesome idea.

    My website – http://www.MusingMind.org – is grounded in explorations of philosophy, consciousness, spirituality, and a thoughtful approach to that perennial question: “how to live?”

    Ideally, the aspiration is to contribute towards what E.F. Schumacher calls the “task of our generation”: a metaphysical reconstruction (or deconstruction) for the modern age. To move towards a thoughtful, embodied philosophy of how to live.

    I’m big on engaging with: reading, writing, meditating, philosophy, neuroscience, yoga, and enjoying the ride. Musingmind.org is a digital index of my writing that blends all these interests, collections of quotes, book summaries, and links to various contemplative content throughout the web.

    The post that most embodies my trajectory is probably: http://www.musingmind.org/spiritual-but-not-religious/

    Thanks for creating this space!

  18. Love the idea.

    Last year, after years of aggressive saving, my partner and I quit our jobs, sold most of our possessions, and started traveling full-time. I write about that experience and related topics (financial independence, semi-retirement, intentional spending, and gratitude) on my blog, The Resume Gap. I’m not as smart and interesting as the Happy Philosopher, one of my favorite bloggers on the web, but maybe you’ll enjoy my blog anyway.

    Here’s one you might like. Our Frugality is a Sham: http://theresumegap.com/our-frugality-is-a-sham/

  19. http://www.wealthydoc.com

    Wealthy Doc is a FI (Financially Independent) physician. He enjoys financial freedom and wants to help others achieve that as well.

    Sample post:

  20. I write to late stage professionals with income needs and underfunded retirement plans. My followers are in a position of prospective income decline and potential job loss. They have a critical need of a solution that doesn’t take 10 years and presume everything will be ok.

    I preach entrepreneurship to generate retirement income and hedge against professional income risk, especially internet based strategies to leverage experience and skill sets of late career professionals.

    I’m running a book give away for folks interested in material I found helpful in my personal journey. Check out:

  21. I like the idea and hope to find a few new blogs to check out!

    Mine is


    I achieved financial independence at age 40 and over the last few years researched a lot about money and happiness during my early mid-life crisis 🙂 I started my site to share my experience and what I’ve learned from others that has helped me become FI and happier. I hope to help others in their own journey! I also have a bit more focus on investing than most other FIRE sites.

    A good example post that gives a feel of my blog is:


  22. I would be honored if any of the Happy Philosopher’s readers stopped by my site. You may not believe this but I write about high income parents.
    I help high wage earners to teach their kids to manage money, be self-sufficient and appreciate the quality life their parents provide.
    I want to help parents and their kids achieve financial independence but also enjoy the ride that gets them there. I cover a lot of topics pertaining to parenting and managing finances with their kids in mind. The post I think you would like the best is:


    Tom @ HIP

  23. Philosophy major here. The pinnacle of civilization is to be able to carve time out from just surviving and spend time just thinking. I’m a lawyer who had to Stop, unplug, unwind, and just breathe.

    Here is my post;

  24. Great idea! We’re in for inclusion 🙂

    During our humorously mishap-riddled first date, we kept reminding each other “Always an Adventure”. Add a few years, wedding rings and an energetic son to the equation, we still live by this motto.

    Here at Adventure Rich, we explore how to live a rich and beautiful life full of adventure as we pursue financial independence. We publish honest and open posts about our goals, our ups and downs, lessons learned and perspectives along the way!

    Bonus points: Both Mr. Adventure Rich and I graduated from a Great Books liberal arts college with an emphasis in Philosophy 🙂

    Check out: http://www.adventurerich.com/half-marathons-mortgages/

  25. I would consider your blogroll idea working smarter rather than harder 🙂

    Over at Unconventional Sustainability I write the pursuit of a fun, frugal, and eco-friendly lifestyle. While I cover a variety of topics that are rooted in sustainability, I also enjoy sharing my experiences with car-free living, my urban homestead project, and most recently my year long Sustainably Happy Project. My next adventure in sustainable living will include a 3.5 month sabbatical where I’ll explore alternative work options to my current engineering job!

    Here’s a sample post:

    1. I was afraid that would happen! Out of fear of messing this up twice, I’m going old school with no hyperlink:


      You can also just click on my name and it will route you to my post 🙂

  26. Cool idea, and thank you for the invitation!

    I write Femme Frugality. It’s a personal finance blog, but I try to mix philosophy and social justice issues in there more often than not. Sometimes I’m more successful at getting it in than others, but I’ve been at it for six years, so I have an extensive list of “Think” posts in my archives.

    The one I’d recommend starting with is “Regrets in Life.” It’s all about choices, consequences, and our own personal power.


  27. I write about the state of the economy and stock market. I take a long term fundamental approach to the economy and markets.

    I focus on the data and dispell myths.


  28. For a blog aimed at reaching FIRE without excessive frugality, and covers many life factors that drive financial independence, and from a mid-40’s dude with say, enough “life experience” and a globally mobile family, my wiritings could complement many other excellent blogs out there. You may want to read and decide for inclusion: http://tenfactorialrocks.com/archives

  29. Over the past decade, I have formulated my philosophy of life. The entire exercise has been personally beneficial, and I hope that you will benefit from reading it as well.

    A brief summary and link to the full 14-page document may be found here:


    Constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks for having a look!

  30. This is such a great idea, and I love reading your blog!

    I’m a dental resident in California and I write about financial strategies for residents and the unique challenges facing dental specialists.


    For example, most dental residencies charge tuition for all years of residency! My posts aren’t as diverse as yours, but I’m planning on writing about more all-encompassing topics in the future. Here is an example post:



  31. Hi! I’m an ex-executive, who also burned out from a very busy career in technology marketing. I write about financial independence through a mindfulness lens so I think it connects very well with what you write about. I cover the search for meaning and happiness and how finances fit into that.

    You can find my blog at

    I think your audience my like my post on the high costs of a good paying job.

  32. Over at Waffles on Wednesday, my husband (the business/engineer/software guy) and I (a medical professional) write about our quest to live a more happy and fulfilling life, including, but not limited to, financial independence, minimalism, travel, philosophy and life. Pretty much we’re here to connect with this amazing community and share our journey toward the simple idea of enjoying a lovely relaxing breakfast in the middle of the week, every week.

    “Come on down” and check out the time Mr.Wow won a car on the Price Is Right.


  33. Hi All!

    I recently started a blog to discuss investing, personnel finance, and travel. I hope to simplify complex trading strategies for regular investors.

    Check it out here:

    • Ted Yaeger on August 18, 2017 at 6:03 am
    • Reply

    Anybody seen the B movie called “ConAir”? It is redeemed by a few short segments in an otherwise predictable plot. One character describes a practical definition of ‘insanity’. This comes from the supposedly most insane person on the plane, too. Relevant to this blogroll is the insanity of working your life away (at a dreary repetitive job) and at the near-end of that life you’re discarded (read: retired) and replaced. Yes, student and housing debt-free, put a couple kids through school, maybe (or not) divorced a couple times. Now settled down on a frugal retirement and too old to learn golf. ‘The Happy Philosopher’ attitude needs to be vested before it is too late!
    Thank you for the invitation. Seems like there are enough already so I’ll just ride along…TY

  34. Love this!
    My site is abandonedcubicle.com

    I try to mix a random blend of the objective with the subjective. You’d think after reading the list of post titles than I have a real inner struggle going on. Retire early? or Buck up and embrace the cubical? I’m heavily on the retire early side, but a number of my posts delve into the philosophical shallows.

    I don’t think anything on my site would get anyone hooked. I’m just happy to share my views and if others find it useful than I’m humbled and grateful! Here is one post I think that speaks to my theme:

    (man… I need to pretty up my perma links!)

  35. Hi

    I brought up a search engine and typed in Blogroll while at the same time wondering if people still practiced the art nakedly promoting others on their blog. The verdict seems to mixed. Thanks for the inspiration that will get me back into the game.

    My goal for my blog is to offer a little help to small businesses trying to find more success promoting themselves online. More and more it is becoming difficult for small business to achieve a breakout in their field..

    My newest blog post is Creative Blogging which I trust offers some ideas to motivate the small business owner to get creative in how their business promotion.

  36. I write about Home Improvement, Garden, Health and Wellness, Travel, Eat & Cooking, Business & Marketing, Family, Internet.

    I also accept guest posts from guest bloggers. The site “Allblogroll.com is developing relatively quickly. If you want, add it to your blogroll.

  37. I’m financially independent and my blog is mostly about all-things FIRE through smart spending, stoicism, and better living. I won’t repeat the basic financial advice needed to achieve early retirement as so many other blogs have done that really well. I will, however, give my unique experience with implementing those principals in my journey to FI. I might dive into life-philosophy, outdoor adventures, and a bit of satire along the way.

    This is my journey

  38. Hey there! I blog at Open Mouths Get Fed and talk resourceful financial management through my funemployment journey. My goal is to share my personal experiences in order to help others live their best life for less and walk with me on the road to FI and building generational wealth. I write irreverent takes on everything from budgeting, homeownership, and taxes to a regular series on getting free stuff. Come join the fun.


    • M on December 26, 2017 at 9:28 pm
    • Reply

    This is great idea!

    I just launched a blog about life, doctoring, minimalism and finances from a millennial primary care physician’s perspective. This voice seemed to be lacking from the blogs I’ve been reading, especially from one who is newly into practice (<5 years). If I had to pick one post, it would be this one:



  39. My blog covers all topics of lifelong learning, fitness, running, motherhood, family, and DIY from a frugal perspective. Stop by to check it out 🙂

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