Sep 02

Happy Philosopher’s Weekend Reading: Volume 1


The internet is a vast place of almost endless information, and as I mentioned in an earlier post I hypothesize that efficient filtering will be one of the most important changes we will implement to get manageable amounts information we actually want to consume. Well, until AI is up to the challenge it is our job to perform this thankless task. I’ve decided to take this burden upon my shoulders for you and share some of my favorite blog posts and articles with you. If laziness does not get the best of me I will try and do this weekly to give you some interesting reads for the weekend, but I make no promises.


Some will be current, some will be older material. I may not agree with everything an author writes, but I think these works will provide some enjoyment and push you to think deeper about various topics. Additionally, I hope to introduce you to other writers and discover more of their work. I have found some really great blogs through compilation posts like this, many of which I am now a regular reader of. My goal is to eventually have a collection of hundreds of great articles that will be readily available all in one place. So without further delay…


David Cain is one of my favorite bloggers over at Raptitude where he writes about how to be a better human. I really didn’t know how crappy of a job I was doing at being a member of the human race and I’ve learned a lot reading his work. None has been as important though as the elusive skill of walking through a parking lot. I was doing it all wrong, and I suspect you are as well.


I had a hard time choosing a post by Doom from livingafi. Start with this one, brew a pot of coffee, and just binge read the whole blog. It’s that good. It is a deep dive into the mind and experiences of an individual seeking freedom and an escape from traditional work. He also wrote a great philosophical post on blogging if you are into that sort of thing.


Finally, I like this recent post about putting frugality, poverty and privilege into perspective. It was written by Matt over at the resume gap. Cool blog with absolutely awesome pictures. The photos alone will make you want to travel more.


That’s it for this week, just enough to get your weekend started right. Short and sweet. Three articles from three great blogs. Tell me what you think and let me know if you would like more of this kind of stuff. Also if you find something you think I will enjoy reading let me know.



Side note: I’ve realized I have quite a bit to say about issues related to medicine, specifically with respect to my experiences and observations going through the medical system, burning out, saving my career, watching friends die by suicide, and observing others crash and burn, often in spectacular fashion. I have to write about this stuff. I feel compelled. I have published a couple of articles off the blog here and here in case you missed them, but I will start publishing some of this stuff on the blog. Maybe it deserves its own special place on the internet, but I’m way too lazy to run two blogs, so here it will sit. If you have no interest in my thoughts on medicine and being a physician feel free to skip those posts, although you may find them interesting anyways. I’m sure there will be parallels to your life in some of the writing.  Physicians are not that unique a creature after all. And don’t worry; there will still be plenty of material that has nothing to do with medicine. I will mix things up a bit.

I know this is exactly the wrong way to write a blog and build an audience which brings me to my last point. Thank you. If this is the first time stopping by or you have been reading my posts from day one I am humbled you have taken your valuable time to read my words.


  1. Glad you are doing these. I’m looking forward to seeing the content you’ve linked to. I found your blog through a similar weekend compilation post on another blog!

    1. Awesome! Right now I am quite inconsistent, but when I find great stuff it will eventually make it onto the blog.

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