May 25

Radical State of the Blog

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Hello readers. I have nothing new or insightful written for you today, but I did want to let you know about my recent interview with Joshua Sheats on the Radical Personal Finance Podcast. It was a wide ranging discussion on many topics but focused on career burnout and what to do about it. We talked about being a physician, happiness, freedom, suicide, blogging and even some philosophy.

You can listen to it here.

If you are coming to the blog from the Radical Personal Finance Podcast, welcome!

Here are some links to a few of my blog posts which seemed relevant to our discussion.


Physician Suicide

How to retire by 40.

Increase Your Awesomeness With This One Simple Trick

Decluttering: Philosopher Ninja Style

How a Podcast Can Change the World

Why You Should Find Your Freedom First


And just for fun my 2 most popular blog posts to date (but that had nothing to do with the podcast)



Kill Your Television!

Why Your Life Never Seems To Change


There are some real gems in the Radical Personal Finance archives, although with nearly 340 mostly long format episodes it will take you some time to work through.


I’ll get back to writing soon. Enjoy 🙂



The Happy Philosopher


  1. The Personal Economist

    Great interview. Particularly liked your framework and approach to your blog about being about creativity not numbers.
    And for bringing an important topic like suicude to our attention.
    Subscribing now …

    1. TheHappyPhilosopher

      Thank you. Much appreciated and I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. Suicide is a topic close to my heart and I was very grateful for the opportunity to bring the topic to the RPF audience.

      It’s really easy to fixate on the numbers even with the basic analytics built into WordPress and I was definitely guilty in the beginning. I’ve decided my time is better spent writing and pondering interesting topics than worrying, but it seems humans are kind of hard wired to worry a bit!


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